Are you ready to change the world?
…make it happen through disruption

Are you ready to change the world?
…make it happen through disruption

If you are a leader in any field -entrepreneurship, investment, business, politics, non-profit activities- with profound motivations to make transformational new-growth…

Disruption is the instrument to bring your purpose into reality…

Services advisory on applying disruption

  • Gain clarity on how to formulate a disruptive strategy & business model
  • Identify truly potential unicorns for investment
  • Anticipate customer and competitor reactions
  • Accelerate time-to-market of start-ups
  • Create transformational new-growth

Assessing disruptive potential
of business models


Pivoting business models
towards disruptive trajectory


Advising board of directors
on disruptive strategy

Alejandro Pardo 


  • Alejandro Pardo is passionate for innovation, leadership and change. More than 15 years of professional experience in technology, innovation and business consulting.
  • Currently, Operations Director of the World Class Center Innovation & Design at Altran Spain. Alejandro has been involved in the Disruptive Strategy Program with Prof. Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School.
  • Graduate of Harvard Business School – PLDA.
  • PhD in Physical-Chemistry. Field of research: technologies for hydrogen economy development at UAM, Texas A&M University and CSIC.


  • Disruptive innovation is the framework developed by Clayton Christensen in the 90s. According to Forbes, Christensen is worldwide recognized as one of the most influential business thinkers.
  • The theory has been proven in many industries, influencing and inspiring leaders from successful start-ups and companies such as Apple, Google or Intel, among others.
  • Start-up investors who make decisions driven by disruptive innovation theory may obtain high profits and returns.

Your success being a disruptor – my mission
Create prosperity and welfare – my meaning purpose
Honesty and excellence to build trust – my core values


When disruption happens not only creates huge economic and competitive value for disruptors (start-ups and investors) but also important benefits for others such as new-markets emerge and new jobs are created. Then, prosperity makes a better life for people.

Alejandro Pardo | 615 172 330

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