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Disruptive strategy is the formula for breaking
successfully the market status quo.

We accompany venture builders and
venture capitals in the disruption journey.

We want to be your partner
in the disruption journey

Our body of knowledge has been developed by the Harvard Business School and Clayton Christensen, one of the most influential strategy thinkers of the last 50 years, according to Forbes.

Our purpose is to inspire and accompany executive leaders, investors and entrepreneurs with profound motivations to generate new transformational growth in any industry and market.

Our offices are located in the heart of Madrid at the Impact Hub of Picasso Tower, where we are in continuously contact with large corporations and startup ecosystems.

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Align the team and create the right mindset of how to think about disruptions in the market /industry.

Harvard Business School framework in disruptive innovation.




Understand the customer progress pursued at functional, emotional and social level.

Analyze startup ecosystem/portfolio to identify potential disruptive patterns, according to the disruption framework.


Disruptive Business


Prototype, test and iterate new business models following a clear trajectory to disrupt the market.

Formulate the foothold and move up the market strategy to provoke a disruption.

01 Disruptive Strategy


We bring the team a fresh and different mindset for watching the market with new eyes through the lenses of disruptive innovation.

From this unique and privilege perspective, we stimulate a reflection on disruption significance for your business context through different concepts, under the disruptive innovation framework: consumer market vs non-consumer market, disruptions vs sustaining innovations, asymmetric motivations between established competitors and new entrants, over served clients, jobs-to-be-done, ambidextrous organization and congruence model.

Our training formats are adapted to different profiles:

02 Disruption Opportunity


Different from incremental and breakthrough innovations, disruptions emerge as opportunities in the market periphery, such as the low-end or the non-consumer markets. From this position, the middle and high-end markets are attacked with a new business model to beat the established competitors.

The discovery of these disruptive epicenters is approached differently, depending on the project team profile (venture builder or venture capital):

03 Disruptive Business


Once established the mindset and identified the opportunity, the creative momentum for the business model design begins, following the principles that govern disruption mechanisms.

Conceptualize-test-refine a model around a solution simpler and less expensive than the existing, serving adequately the market periphery.

Besides, the vision statement and a roadmap for business model deployment & evolution are defined, which address the disruptive strategy execution by three key milestones:

Excellence and empathy
that build trust

We love what we do. Our philosophy of work demands ambitious challenges, embrace ambiguity, collaboration and agility to deliver exceptional results. Some qualities of our profiles:

Experts in disruptive innovation, certified by the Harvard Business School.

Wide multi-sectorial experience, managing and executing high uncertainty projects for C-Level and Executive Leadership senior teams.

Master and PhD degrees by leading academic institutions in business and technology disciplines.

But above all, we are value-driven people with strong commitment to transparency, sustainability, economic & social impact, equality and inclusion.


We partner leading corporations or aspirational leaders, investors, business schools and startup ecosystems in their new venture challenges with disruptive impact.

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